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Building the RoadBoat
Arteck Precision Limited, North Vancouver
May 7, 2001

The RoadBoat frame/chassis taking shape with the help of some amazing people!!


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Team Building Day
Western Trinity College, April 28, 2001

Jono and Cheryl (Pinnacle Pursuits) once again test our mettle on the challenging outdoor training course at Western Trinity College in Langley.


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The RoadBoat Frame
Artek and YESS Frames, Vancouver - April 24

Various shots of the RoadBoat frame. ... 



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All Night Training Session
Trout Lake, Vancouver - April 14

The four Vancouver-based rowers pulling an all-night training session on Trout Lake ... watching the sun come up!! ... 



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Team Building Weekend
Vancouver Yacht Club - February 3-4, 2001

Jono and Cheryl produced an amazing team-building
experience over two days at the Yacht Club where
those in attendance learned many things about
each other and themselves. 



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Jericho Beach Training
Vancouver - January 13, 2001

We had a sweet training day on Saturday. Jono, Mike, Neil and I took our Concept2 rowers down to Spanish Banks near the ocean to enjoy each others company for a 7 hour session. 


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"Storm the North" Race
North Vancouver - October 22, 2000

Neil, Mike, Jono and Kevin endured the “long course” division in this year's North Vancouver adventure race. They had a great time as they learned about each other and themselves in this 7 hour experience. They mostly learned that Kevin could use some mountain bike training...


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