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If you would like to leave a message for the Team please do so at the bottom of this page.

May 28, 2001

Doug Crawford -- Kevin I thank you for your attempt at this project..........and congratulate you on motivating such a team of supporters.........as a Tech Ed teacher I know the excitement of challenges......and the joy of accomplishment...........I think you accomplished a lot.........next time you have a go at this project I would like to be able to help...........I have love of problem solving and would enjoy assisting your project in any way that I can.......regards Doug Crawford

May 27, 2001

Dale, Squamish BC -- Sorry to hear the trip has been delayed. I pulled 45 foot cedar canoe 500 miles up the west coast and we faced several challenges. The wind, rain, tides, and oneself. Team has to have one mind, one body and spirit. "Let only good spirits guide you" Good luck next run! 

May 26, 2001

Danielle Becker, Claremont Ont. -- Yo Guys!!!! I heard what happen and if there was no probblom then I think you guys would of made and be in the Guiness book of World Records. Cool ay. Oh yes I am in grade 3 at Claremont P.s. When you came to our school it was the BOMB of what you told us.Oh ya Judy uest to tutor me in year 1999. Hi Judy! We'll I guess you'll try again next year .Got a go see ya soooon!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Conor Bill, Toronto, ON -- Hey guys - sorry to hear that the attempt had to be abandoned. I expect that you guys will try again some other time, and look forward to seeing you SMASH the record. Your hard work in the months leading up to the attempt was good preparation and I'm sure you'll use the lessons learnt from this one in the next one. Keep up the good work, Dean and friends! 

May 25, 2001

Dave Norona, Vancouver, BC -- Way to go guys and girls! You have done a wonderful job. Hey if it was easy you would have seen other Road Boats out there. I am truly impressed and proud of you all! Cheers Dave N 

SaMaNtHa, *~*Stouffville*~*Ontario*~* -- Hey Evey1, wazzzzzzz up? i am in grade 6 @ glad park ps and wanna say im so sorry bout your *RoadBoat*. I hope Ya*ll try again next year. u would have glad parks support. Our school did very well @ raisin money and we came up with like 1,540 or somtin. Well good luck next year, lotsa Luv Samantha aka Bay*Bee*Doll and the rest of the Naughy Angels! Oh ps. Hey Coyote Kevin, Coyote used to be my nickname!!!!! u are the bomb 

Dear Mr.Hacher and team, I'm e-mailing you from Glad Park Public school. Today is May 25th, 2001. Our school got the news about you and the team having to stop. That's too bad. It must fell horrible to have to stop after so many hours of practice. Pushing the rowing car up every single hill must have been a real pain. My whole school helped fund-raise. I hpoe the money helps a lot! Maybe some day you'll get around to trying again. I play hockey and sometimes I wonder what it would be like without it. Thanks to all the fund-raisers people who probably couldn't play hockey now can. Anyway, good luck with your wheel chair hockey team and thanks for trying! 

Ashley, Stouffville, Ontario -- Hi you guys! Sorry to hear that you couldn't make it across Canada.I'm from Glad Park. I'm in grade 6. We missed French class today because we were counting and rolling all the money the school collected and boy is there a lot!!! I think I've seen enough pennies for today! On Tuesday we went outside and were active for an hour duration in support of you guys. Even though you didn't make it was a fantastic effort. A lot of people would not have even tried! But you did, and you were great!!! BYE!!!!!!!!!!

Kimberlee Fraser, Syouffville Ontario -- I'm sorry about your car. To bad It didn't work out for you.You did a good job getting as far as you did. You should be proud.See ya 

Trish Penny, *Stouffville, Ontario* -- Yo team! sup? I think that ya*ll did a great job while you were out there! If you try again next year or even again this year we will be sure to cheer you on! :o)(o: I think our school raised like $600 for your charity! I think that we did a GREAT job! I hope that, that*ll help ya*ll! ~even though it wasn*t our class~ hehe. We all hope that you guys will do something next year. We really enjoyed Mr.Hachey coming in to show us what he was going to be doing. You may not have gotten the *Guiness Book of World Records* record you will always be remembered as !~*Canadian Heroes*~! well! g2g bye every1 LYL! !~*Trish*~! 

Courtney O'Beirn, Markham Ontario -- Hey team!!!! Wats up???? you guyz did great we are really proud. Maybe you can do it next year, and if you do we still we will cheer you on again. So while you were gone we were here raising money for your charity Mr.Hachey. I think we raised $600 or $1000. Even though to those poeple that didn't like that you stopped we are proud that you gave your best. You know what those dumb hills they always get in the way~*~*!!!!!! Gotta jet!!!! ~Bye~ 

Hi keven.I'm sorry your rowboat got busted.I hope you try it agian I was rooting for you. I thought you and your team were going to make.Well bye. 

I think it was agood try to go across canada in a row boat.I find out that you could not make it up hill's I am so sorry about it.

Dana Milne, Markham Ontario -- Hey team! what's up? Our school Glad park has been following your progress and raising money along the way. So far we have raised way over $600. We heard that u guyz had to cancel your rowing, that's too bad. We are still continuing raising money anyway. We hope that you will try again. Now that you have found out what didn't work maybe in a few years you can try again. We will still be here to support you all the way. You may not have gotten into the guiness book of world records, but you will always be considered a great Canadian in our hearts. Our whole school is very proud of you guyz. 
Well gotta go...........buhbye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Daniel West, Stoffville, Ont -- This is daniel from glad park public school. You came yo oyr school and it was the BOMB. I'm so sorry you didn't make it acrosse Cananda.try again next year. 

Ryan Barkey, Stouffville ontario -- Hi rowers I am sorry that your rower got ruined I hope you atemt this again. It would be fun to see you try again. It is cool that a teacher at our school has a husband that is atemting a world record. I know that our school would be supportive Thak you and please try again. 

Todd mcVicar, Toronto Ont. -- sup Dog i heard that you had to stop because the roadboat had some PROBLEMS. You also had to stop because it was to heavy to push up hills I will say you made it very far. see ya all Todder 

michael clarkson, toronto ont -- hey whats up how is it hanging? heard you had some promblem. you can`t push your row boat up hills. well ya 

Stephen Moller, Stouffville, Ontario -- Hi team! I'm sorry the journey across Canada was a disaser. It was a good try and it wasn't your fult. You were mentily and physicaly prepared but there was a unfortunate problem. Mabye you could try this another time but first improve the car. Well, c ya!!!!! 

Emily, Ontario,Stouffville -- ***Hey team!* Glad Park Public school has been raising money for your sponsers, we** *predict will be $600-$1000 from our school.* I'm sorry to hear it didn't work out to well but you** *tried your best and to us...you still made it!*** **from*** ***eMiLy**YoUr*FrIeNd*** **L8r**C u** 

wesley davis, ontario,stouffville -- sup wat are u people ^^. To i just wanted to say that u guys did very good u could have gone one more day but u did good i just wanted to say that u did well and we have rased alot of money too and bye 

Samantha S., Stouffville, Ontario -- ~HELLO~ I am so sorry to hear that the Road Boat did not work out the way you expected, but atleast you raised a lot of money for charity. Im not sure how much money our schoo, made but it is a lot. Congradulations on how far you came, i hope that you try again next year. On Tuesday May 22nd Glad Park ps, went outside and played games to be involved with athletics to suport you all while you where rowing. Good Luck Next Time, from, Samantha S. Glad Park Public School Grade six 

Alannah, stouffville Ont. -- Dear team, I know you didn't do the trip across Canada it must be hard. I was just wondering , for how long did you row for and if you would get the same school to construct your next project? well by for now thanx, Alannah p.s I am from Glad Park Public School.

Mark Robbins, Stouffville,ont -- Dear Team, Good try! I hope you will try next year. I hope the founraising went good 

David Simm, Ontario, stoffville, -- How come you quite so easily. You can do better than that. 

Amanda, Stouffville Ont -- CONGRADULATIONS!!!!!!! you tried thats the main thing. You are so cool i wish I could do that. I got to try the machine that was designed to help you train rowing. I gave you my E-mail adress so give me a buzz. Oh ya and GO TEAM GO!!!!!!! 

melodie, markham, ontario -- Way to go guys you doing really good and its to bad that your rowing muchine is broken. Well it was a very good trya and well i think that you did the best job ever 

Nanaimo Kid, Regina, Saskatchewan -- Hi Guys. You were smart to quit but you could have gone a day longer I think. Why didn't you? (I want a good answer) Why didn't you test the roadboat before going on the journey? 

Alex Shannon, Claremont, Ontario -- hi! how are you? 2 bad u had 2 quit eh? But that's okay, look on the bright side! At least you tried. U may feel discouraged now, but when u think about it there isn't very many other people who would attempt such a risky adventure. Who knows, maybe one day you will be an old grandpa telling the storey of your roadboat to your grandchildren! 

Jim Covill, Halifax Nova Scotia -- Sorry to read about the troubles the team has experienced and subsequent decision to terminate the effort. Having read most of the webpage and the bios of the ecletic people involved, you guys are crazy enough to try it again. And you should ! 

May 24, 2001

June Boys, Claremont, Ontario -- Dean Hachey and fellow travellers. What a challenge to have been part of this team of adventurous people. Your hard work and enthusiasm cannot be taken away from you. Enjoy a safe trip home and know that we are proud of all your efforts. 
June Boys (Chip & Dale Day Care, Claremont) 

Christianne, Markham, Ontario -- Dean, What is going on!! I am worried about all of you. I read that you had an accident that may prevent your completion of your scheduled trip. Too bad, but no worries. Your efforts/training have been enough to inspire everyone. Good luck from here on....Christianne P.S. I will send you a separate email regarding sponsorship for CEWHA....CB 

Owen Davis, Vancouver, BC -- To all the Roadboaters: so sorry to hear of the cancellation of the journey. We look forward to your safe return to Vancouver. We eagerly await the launch of the next Roadboat cross-Canada trip! Your friends, Owen & Ingrid. 

john and leslie long, claremont, ont. -- Hey Dean, we still think you are amazing and we are so impressed that you would even attempt such a huge undertaking. We just want you to know that we are still giving you our pledge money so enjoy the rest of your trip and we will see you when you return. When are we going biking???? Chow from leslie and john and jade and paige and Harry!. 

Joy, Norma & Al, Ontario -- Hi Dean & crew: Sorry to hear that you are not intending to break any records...*this* time! Regardless, we are proud of your courageous efforts and hard work in training & prep. Enjoy the scenery and well, it doesn't make sense not to use Winston's services anyway, does it? ;-} Safe home, all of you. Norma & gang 

trish, Toronto, Ontario -- You guyz tried ur best.. i think that u made every1 proud by trying!! 


Christal(Chrisy), Markham Ont -- Hi Dean and crew I am very upset that you are not going any feather then to where you are now.Me and fellow students would like you to come to Glad Park on th e way home from your trip so that we can see the rowboat. My family is glad that you were going for that challange that you did but it turns out that the rowboat was not At all safe for the road. I hope to see you and your crew soon on the way back from your trip and i am very sorry that it did not work out they way you waned it to but atlest you proved your point and did what you said 

Lindsay, -- Hi, I think it's great that you tried, but why did you give up so soon? Was it neccessary? Oh well, at least you tried. Do you think you will try something like this? Our school has been giving us updates every morning. We have been looking forward to hearing about you. I hope one of you (whoever came to our school before) can come to our school again and talk to us about your journey. Pllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssseeeeeee, take up the thought. Yours sincerely, Lindsay 

laura hamilton, claremont, Ontario -- Hey, guys,I guess you didn't make it as far as you hoped. That's okay! You tried hard, built a dream, and flew,(I guess it would be rowed),with it. Really proud of ya!It's too bad that you couldn't finish, but just remember:There are no problems, only oppertunities to be creative. So get creative, and start planning a new way to trek across Canada. We believe in you! 

Rob Marks, Claremont, Ontario -- Hey! you guys did good out there. I thought that once you got to the prairies you'd be home free because they are so flat. But I understand that you never made it that far. I think you should modify your car and try it again sometime. Good Luck!!! Rob

tessa ferrier, Claremont Ontario -- Dear Rowers, You did very well. How far did you get? What cause was the row for? What caused you to stop? How many hours was it? YOU GUYS DID AMAZING WORK!! From Tessa mkna (more comenly known as) Dot Comedy!

Claire Eyles, Claremont, Ontario -- Hi Dean it's me Claire from down your street I'm really sorry about what happened with the rowing boat don't worry everyone proud of you for trying your best. Good job from Claire Eyles 

Gillian Bickerton, Toronto Ontario -- Dear Mr. Hachey I'm just thanking you for coming into our school and talking about your boat. You probably know my mother Adair Bickerton from the after school and daycare Maddy and Lindsay go to I heard the bad news and I'm glad you tried to succed and I hope you try again .. from Gillian 

Megan Good, Stouffville,Ont -- Hey Guys, How are you today??? well i'm fine and I just finished a Math test so I was the first one from Mrs.Stover's class to email you guys!!! So I herd your roadbout was not safe enough to go accross Canada!!! Well i'm realy proud of you for trying to row accross Canada anyway!!! but if your rowbout was safe enough I still think that you could DO IT!!! I also herd that you rowed your bout accross Newbrunswick thats where my Sister lives with her feonsay and dougter!!! Well just to let you know that about the $ for the weelchair charity the junier division has the most $ then the intermedeit is in second place and then the primary division is in last place!!! well Mrs.Stover's Class is sure we are goin to WIN!!! (WRITE BACK SOON PLEASE) your friend:Megan Good P.S. SEE YOU WHEN YOU COME BACK TO THE SCHOOL GLAD PARK HAS BEEN DOIN ACTIVITIES JUST TO LET YOU KNOW!!! 

Cliff, Stouffville,Ont -- Hey Guys, How are you guys doing today???. I just herd about you crossing New Brunswick. I've been there before and it was very fun there. The one thing I like there was staying at my anuts and uncle's house. And wile i was there I wen't to the ocean to find seashell's. And one thing that I think that you can do!!!. So our school herd that you got stoped by the hill in Canada.But I know that next year you can try again. 

Madeline, Stouffville,Ontario -- Hey team, wazz up,I heard about all your problems i'am really sorry for you could'nt do it.Maybe you will have better luck next time.One good thing about this is you will be more perpared next time. 

Curtis, Stouffville,Ontario -- Hey Guys, I heard what happened and I'm sorry for the gref any of us caused you but what Gerrie alway told you need to test and test until you get it right. You know what you shood of test the boat before you rowed. Maybe nexted year you'll do it again and break the record. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!! From Curtis 

Miss Wolfe's Grade Two's, Stouffville,Ontario -- Dean and teammates, We just heard about your accident. We are very sorry to hear that you won't be breaking the record. We are hoping that you will think about starting again and trying to break the record. We hope you enjoy your trip across Canada and please come to see us when you get back. We still want to hear all about your adventures. From Miss Wolfe's Grade Two Class, Summitview Public School, 
Stouffville, Ontario 

Tamara (VYT), Vancouver, BC -- Hey Jono, Must admitt it was disappointing (as i'm sure it was for all of you) to find out that you couldn't fulfill your goal, but the idea was a very cool one. Had to show Keegan the plans for the vehicle after i told him about it. He was very intriguied. You know what they say, (who are "they" anyway?) "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again...." Have a great trip home! Tamara 

May 23, 2001

Don Bunasky, Franklin, TN USA -- Dean, Sorry to see the record will go unchallenged this year. Enjoy the rest of your week. The SOA team send their regards. 

Earl Treptau, Edmonton, Alberta -- Hey...uh....I was just wondering...How do you guys go to the bathroom?

Bethan Morgan, Acorn Lane, Claremont, Ontario -- Dear Dean and all the team, Hi it's me Bethan from Acorn Lane. I'm Lindsay's friend and I'm 7 years old. Every day in school I hear about you on the announcements. This morning they told us that your wheel was broken, I hope you fixed it and it's o.k. now. How is the weather there? Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From Bethan 

Darren, Paula, Bethan & Caitlin Morgan, Acorn Lane, Claremont, Ontario -- Dear Dean and all the team, how are you getting on out there on the Trans Canada Highway? Hope everything is going great for you guys and that the weather is keeping well for you. Take care and all the best of luck from all of us here in Claremont. 

Kathryn Lewis, Markham, ON -- Sorry to hear that the row is over. We at Glad Park P.S. were all rooting for you. Please consider modifying your route and passing by the school - we would love to cheer for you all in person! 


Vas Moro, Vancouver, BC -- Glad to see the show is on the road! Good luck from Toronto and may the wind always be at your back. Oh and say "Hi" to that cute rower Neil. 

Michael and Cody, Claremont, P.S. -- This is Michael and Cody from Claremont P.S. We were wondering how you were doing. We were just wanting to wish you guys luck. We have to end this letter right now because the bell is going to go off. The whole class is wishing you guy's luck. Bye Bye till later. 

Cathy, Stouffville, Ont -- Glad to hear you had a better day yesterday. (Each mile rowed is one less "yet to go..") On our morning announcements, at Glad Park P.S., we receive an update of how you did and where you presently are...hope the support grows as you travel through each Province! Our special needs class will be participating in a special in-class running event tomorrow, to help us think of you working hard rowing and rowing and rowing... Hope at the end of the day today you feel encouraged at how far you have come. 

Darrell Holmes, Timmins, Ontario -- Keep your chins up Team! Don't let a little gearing problem get you down. The family is rooting for you here in T-Town. 

Rod Friend, Stroud, England -- Hi Jono.... thinking of you with love and positivity. I know you love challenges.... you've got yourself a juicey one this time! I admire your spirit so much. Hopefully we will see you and Cheryl over here shortly... and in Spain! Keep laughing like your little brother. lots of love, Rod 

R I Moore, Calgary, AB -- Good luck guys! I saw the story of your quest on Global. However, I have been checking this website since the 21st and I have yet to see any additional progress. Are you still barely 100KMs out of Halifax (i.e. in Truro?) Tell me you all haven't given up already! 

Mrs. Willis' Grade Fours @ Glad Park P.S., Stouffville, Ontario -- Hi Mr. Hachey and the Row Across Canada Team: Congratulations on a good start to your goal. We are all pulling for you. Our class was very eager to hear of your offer to the class in our school that raised the most money for your charities. We raised over $140.00 for your cause. We were very happy to help you and we all wish you the very best and we'll be thinking of you. GO GET EM!!!!! 

Ray and Beulah Aubin, Ottawa, ON -- Hi Kevin and crew! Best of luck on your latest venture. We were looking at your itinary hoping to catch sight of you as we will be in Edmonton until May 30. I doesn't look as though we will be able to connect ,we will be following your progress online. Anxious to see more photos of the roadboat and crew en route. Good Luck Ray and Beulah 

Jenn, Vancouver, BC -- Good Luck to all! Remember Alaska Cheryl & Jono and how how wonderful that was after the kinks were worked out! You guys are all amazing - Good Luck!! Jenn 

lisa B, Vancouver, BC -- Hey Everyone!!!!! Your all awesome. Keep up the charge and your spirits. And, enjoy our beautiful country. Miss you guys, Big Big Hugs for all. 

Paul Turner, Claremont, Ont. -- Dean, Before our first ride together, I wondered how good this new guy was on a bike? I could barely keep up then, now I'll never keep up! If your getting overheated in the Roadboat think of those December mornings in Durham Forest, freeze the chainrings off a brass monkey. Anyway, if you are free on June 23/24 the Claremont Crash Club (new member last week broken clavical bone) would be honored if you could attend our "Around the Lake III" contest at Crystal Lake, we're saving you a spot. Tom says: hey Dean can you ride Thursday? All the best to you and the all the team members, keep going, the effort is inspiring too many people and helping many children. Best wishes from the Turner's

Eric Gainsbrook, Stouffville, Ontario -- Hey, I hope you guys aren't down about the bad starting day. You can'give up on your dreams just because of one little tire. You have so many people from Canada and the rest of the world supporting you and helping you raise money for charity and for the wheelchair hockey.So don't give up, keep going for the goal. You CAN do it!!!!!!!!! 

Cory Tanaka, Stouffvillllle -- To Mr. Hachey: I am a grade 7 student from your wifes school.I give her a lot of grief at lunch time.I don't know much about rowing but I want to be able to know someone or atleast there wife,that is in the guiness book of world records.Good luck from the trouble maker cory tanaka,REGGIE RULES!!!!!!! 

Hedy & Leo, Burnaby, BC -- Dearest Team -- our heartiest best wishes and encouragement! YOU CAN DO THIS! Never mind -- strike that -- you ARE DOING IT!!! You are making all of Canada proud! 

Daryl, Vancouver, BC -- Excellent job making over 100km in your first day! Keep in mind that with all of the teething problems you actually only rowed just over 7 hours and went through a major metropolitan centre to boot. The pace will pick up and so will your confidence. Keep your chins up! Great work. 

Hello, I'm a student from Glad Park P.S. I just wanted to tell you how I'm proud of you guys.. I just wish you for the best. And just have fun... Only about million km. to go.... Good luck. 

Sue and Lawson, Stouffville, Ontario -- We were heartbroken when we heard you had a rough day yesterday. No matter what happens, you are doing a great job of changing the world one kilometre at a time. You guys are already a testimony to perseverence. We hope the next few days go well. Keep your spirits up. We are ALL pulling for you - figuratively not literally! 

Terry Sinclair, Uxbridge, Ontario -- Hi Dean, I know yesterday must have been very disheartening, but don't loose sight of your dream. Hopefully, you have been able to get the glitches out of the vehicle. Stay strong guys .We're all rooting for you here at Glad Park Public School. From Terry Sinclair 

Steve Vanden-Eykel, Vancouver, BC -- Pretty cool idea. I hope you know what you're getting into. I'm cycling across Canada myself (Im in Regina right now) and I hope you know what roads in the Rockies are like. If you really hope to make speeds of 100 km on the downhills, better make sure the boat handles well enough to navigate some pretty treacherous roads! We'll probably meet somewhere in Ontario. I hope to stop and say hi. http://www.geocities.com/svandeneykel 

Eleanor, Brandon MB -- So, now that you have all the 'glitches' out of the way <smile> --- hope things progress better for you today. Did anyone tell you about the 'wind' in Manitoba?? Good Luck and looking forward to seeing you pass by this way. 

David Marshall, Newmarket, Ontario -- Good luck guys! I know you had a few challenges to start, but we're all pulling for you! Say Hi to Vancouver for me when you get there. 

Nicole Gammage, Toronto ON -- Hello Im from Gald Park P.S. I'm in gr. 7. Today our school finished our funraiser. Our class raised $26.37 towards the wheelcharis. We have been updated on when you started and how you are doing. I think this is a great thing that you are doing to raise money for wheelchairs for the children who play hockey. You guys can do it! all of us at Glad Park are cheering you on and we know you can do it! Good luck! 

Caitlin Ebanks, Markhoam, Ontario -- Hey Guys!!! Wow!!! you are actually doing this!!!! One of the classes in my school (Glad Park P.s.) has already raised over $100 That's a lot !! My class has raised $26.37 which isn't very much but one of my classmates mom is getting people at a place she hangs put at to donate lots of money over $200.00 she says!!! Well I want to congratulate you all for taking such a big risk and I want to tell you that the 'problems' you had yesterday were just minor set backs and I want you to know that our school supports you 100%!! Today we did activities to support your cause!! Which were very successful. And many students opened there "piggy banks" and emptied them out for your wonderful cause!!!!
Congratulations you are off to a great start!!!! Yours Truly, Caitlin Ebanks 7GS G.P.P.S 

May 22, 2001 - From : POOF (Ruth), England -- This is a message going out to Jono and Cheryl esp. but of course the whole team: Good luck guys, I hope the teathing problems subside, you know, once the machine is warmed up it'll probably run like a baby. There are some machines, ie: airoplanes, the more you work them the happier they go. Anyhow......"Never Travel Faster Than Your Gardian Angels Can fly." Stay safe and HAVE FUN. GO, GO,GO.....YOU'RE NOT SLOW!!!! 

May 22, 2001 - From : Matthew Chernenko (20mos old), White Rock, BC -- Dig-dig-dig (followed by a loud screech!)

May 22, 2001 - From : Judy Hachey, Toronto, ON -- Hi everyone (especially Dean!) I hope everything is going better today. We are all rooting for you, and no matter what the outcome, we all recognize the effort. And what an effort! We just completed our fundraising afternoon here, at Glad Park. The entire school was outside participating in road hockey, basketball, skipping, scooterboard races, four squares,etc, etc, etc.!!!! On top of all of the support they wanted to demonstrate to you with their activities, they raised a lot of money for those needy children. One student and his sister spent part of the long weekend going door to door, collecting spare change, and donated over a hundred dollars! How's that for enthusiasm! Everyone here is behind you guys, and we all wish you the best. - Judy 

May 22, 2001 - From : Jean Lane, Newfoundland -- I am writng concerning the article I saw on Canada Tonight last night about your venture to row across Canada. While the cause is a good one (We also have the Children's Wish Foundation in Newfoundland), you can not say you are rowing across Canada when you have left out 905 kms, the distance from Port aux Basques to St. John's. Mile One starts in front of City Hall in St. John's, Newfoundland. Maybe someone needs to be reminded that we are also part of Canada. Newfoundlanders have been proven to be the most generous in their givings in all Canada..Who knows what you would have gotten had you chosen to start at the beginning...GOOD LUCK !! 

Response from the team ... While we totally agree with you that Canada does consist of more than Halifax to Vancouver, the previous record for a human-powered Cross Canada attempt also did the trip from Halifax to Vancouver. Had the record been established originally tip-to-tail ... we would have done that. We believe that there were no water crossings ie) Vancouver Island and Newfoundland because there would be a reliance on a ferry or boat crossing which would negate the human-powered aspect ... 

Please do not take this as a slight on all parts of Canada which we honour and cherish deeply.

Sincerely, the Rowing Across Canada Team

May 22, 2001 - From : Michelle Young, Vancouver, BC -- Jono: you never cease to amaze me! Just happened to be telling someone about you and what you do at Pinnacle (and wondering if you were still doing Pinnacle) and then BANG, the next day I see you and talking about the rowing across canada team on the news. Best wishes to you and your entire team! Way to go!!!! 

May 22, 2001 - From : Ken, Merri-Sue & Benjamin Hamilton, Holland Landing, Ontario -- Don't let yesterday's start get you down! You've all put too much work and spirit into this to let a few loose bolts and wobbly tires slow down the Roadboat. We are all behind you and look forward to seeing your smiling faces when you disembark from the Roadboat in Vancouver. Keep it up guys! 

May 22, 2001 - From : Wayne Yarrow, Vancouver, BC -- To Mikey and Company: Row boys row!!! Good luck and keep up the pace. Wayne 

May 22, 2001 - From : Curt, Regina, sask -- Dont stop rowing you guys are doing great only a few thousand Miles to go!!!!!!!!! 

May 21, 2001 - From : Gerrie, Markham, ON --  Dean - we were driving along Highway 17 near Renfrew, ON tonight, on our way back from our cottage, and I was thinking of you passing along that route in a few days. All the best; we're all 'pulling' for you! 

May 21, 2001 - From : Harriet Lahman, North York, Ontario -- Good Luck to Dean and the rest of the team! Keep rowing, work so hard and safe. 

May 21, 2001 - From : Elio & Jean Mascitelli, Unionville, Ontario
Hey guys, it's a great thing that your doing and we will be watching your progress every day. Good luck and stay strong. 

May 21, 2001 - From : Hans & Lisbeth Andersen, Victoria BC -- Way to GO,Gang. Godspeed and Fair Winds 

May 21, 2001 - From : lynda, brent & sasha, Vancouver, BC -- Just thinking of you and your adventure is so very motivating! Each stroke is illustrating what a dream in action looks like. Row like crazy and know that we're cheering for you! Miss you lots - can't wait to talk and dream more when you're back. Sasha says 'Woof Row Woof'. Hugs and love, Lynda & Brent 

May 21, 2001 - From : Dave J Smithe, Vancouver, BC --  Hi Good luck But I must say You are not crossing Canada You are leaving out 4 majour parts Two of which are Provinces: They are Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, Cape Briton Island And Vancouver Island At least Terry Fox In his crusade tried to do it all by starting properly at one coast Rename your tour 

Response from the team ... While we totally agree with you that Canada does consist of more than Halifax to Vancouver, the previous record for a human-powered Cross Canada attempt also did the trip from Halifax to Vancouver. Had the record been established originally tip-to-tail ... we would have done that. We believe that there were no water crossings ie) Vancouver Island and Newfoundland because there would be a reliance on a ferry or boat crossing which would negate the human-powered aspect ... 

Please do not take this as a slight on all parts of Canada which we honour and cherish deeply.

Sincerely, the Rowing Across Canada Team

May 21, 2001 - From : Ken Burnell, Barrie ONT -- Way to go guys I have no dout that you are going to make in record time. I look foward to following your progress.PS jack,jackie,jade&jordan say HI! 

May 21, 2001 - From : Mark Wilson, Newmarket,Ontario -- U Guys are great, i mean it seems impossible to do this but all of u amazing people have trained for weeks and u have started good luck and i hope u raise plenty of money 


May 21, 2001 - From : leslie and john long, claremont, ont. -- Hey Dean, and other guys who we don't know, how are you doing? Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know all your mountain bike buddies are thinking of you, even though we think you are a little crazy we know its all for good causes. Can't wait to go biking when you get back. You are missing a great race next weekend and hopefully Julia won't injury herself this year in it. All the guys say hi, from Tom and Julia Isaacs and Paul Turner, T.J., Lara, and of course your best neighbour on the street Leslie and John. Take care and be safe and happy and crazy and wild like I know you are! 

May 21, 2001 - From : the Eyles family, Claremont, Ontario -- Dean and the Team - good luck and speedy rowing! Very best wishes from your friends and neighbours on Canso Drive in Claremont. -the Eyles family - Carolyn, Nick, Chris and Claire 

May 21, 2001 - From : nathan hutchings, london, ENGLAND. -- to jono and the all the team, "GO GET 'EM HUT BOSS!" .. Love you Jono & Cheryl. 

May 21, 2001 - From : Kevin Humphrey, Toronto, Ontario -- I guess you have started! Best of luck to all of you. I will be following your progress all the way. My boss will no doubtedly wonder why I'm not as productive for a few days. What you're doing is simply amazing! 

May 21, 2001 - From : Kyle Boon, Vancouver, BC -- Gentlemen, and ladies , best of luck, godspeed, and I see you all on the 1st ... Kyle 

May 21, 2001 - From : Basil & Helene, North York, Ontario. --  Godspeed Dean and the rest of the team.....go team go ! 

May 21, 2001 - From : Rod and Alice, Stroud, Glos. ENGLAND -- Monday, at11:00 am, English time. I think you've started there. Thoughts and prayers and humour and strength and EVERYTHING is with you ALL from this end of the world. We'll be with you all the way. love love ,love, Mum and Rod 

May 21, 2001 - From : Daniel & Nikki Kirkpatrick, London, England --  row row row your boat gently down the country!!! our thoughts are with you and may your seats be well padded during your excellent adventure. 

May 21, 2001 - From : M&M Hollands, Mississauga, ON -- By now you're all off and rowing. We're thinking of you often and we'll be tracking your progress daily. Why not put a little extra muscle into it and swing that thing by Mississauga? The beer's on me!!! Good luck guys! The Hollands 

May 21, 2001 - From : Andrew McCaughey, Toronto, ON -- Good luck everyone. Hope the road is always clear ahead of you and the wind is at your back. This might be a good time to lay of the Chili! 

May 21, 2001 - From : Ami, Markham Ontario -- hi guys good luck! i'm from Glad park so i saw the whole thing. our class hasn't raised very much yet but we're getting there. what colour is the car? .. bye good luck! 

May 20, 2001 - From : Loretta and Veena, singapore. -- Hello folks, We got the news from Bill McLeod, and are hoping to follow your progress from far off Singapore. We wish that we could do something as crazy and exciting as this. .. God speed and safe landings! .. Veena Gupta and Loretta Hopman .. Montessori teachers in Singpore but originally from India and Canada. .. 

May 20, 2001 - From : Indy, sunny London, England -- Rick - what's this madness i hear you're up to? Alls you kids is crazy! Crazee i tells ya! Ok ok, that's easy for me to say, sitting here in my English castle, getting fat and bored ruling over my cockney slaves. Good luck on your noble quest, ladies and gents. 

May 20, 2001 - From : sean roche, Medicine Hat, AB -- Hey there Coyote Kevin! The Roches are wishing you luck on your journey. I was pretty disappointed that I couldn't come to see you when you were passing through Medicine Hat. I am sending you this message to say that I can't wait to see you again and to meet the rest of your team. I'm going to bring you a little souvenir that will remind you of the Roche family. See ya later, dude. Bye bye. 

May 20, 2001 - From : Jordan Roche, Medicine Hat, AB -- HELLOOOOO COYOTE KEVIN! Bet you haven't caught your roadrunner yet, Ha Ha Ha. Anyway, I wanted to tell you a couple of jokes and say a few words to you, to get you on your way. the jokes: How do you communicate with a fish? You drop him a line! ha Did you know that they found bones on the moon? Yeah, you know the cow that jumped over the moon? Well, he never made it back to earth! ha ha So I hope you'll have a safe trip across Canada and good luck to all of you. This is Jordan Roche signing off... 

May 19, 2001 - From : Annette and Joe, Victoria, B.C. -- To Jono and Cheryl and THE WHOLE TEAM. GO,GO,GO MAN MAY THE WIND BE AT YOUR BACK - GOD SPEED. Granny 

May 18, 2001 - From : Dave and Sara Douglas, north Vancouver -- Hey guys, way to go. Jono-you're awesome! We'll be looking forward to seeing you when you hit Vancouver. Have a safe row! 

May 18, 2001 - From : Brittany(Ashley Sawicki's Friend), Balmertown, Ontario -- Ash told me bout u and i think it's cool wut your doing!! Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

May 18, 2001 - From : Darrell Holmes, Timmins, Ontario -- Hey Coyote, we missed you on Mother's Day, but after reading your status notes it looks like you were running behind schedule. Maybe we'll hook up when the team makes the trek along the hwy to Hearst. I'll watch the progress updates. Say hi to big D for me. Keep the dream alive! 

May 18, 2001 - From : Anonymous, Vancouver, BC -- Hi ... Could you please let Neil know that we think he is the cutest rower - we are sure you are all doing a good job, but he looks like the nicest and friendliest of all. We will watch for him when he reaches Vancouver ... Love from Bob, Jim, Ray and Karl 

May 18, 2001 - From : joshua.j.nauta, Stouffville,ONTARIO -- GOOD LUCk my brthday no the 21 of may 

May 18, 2001 - From : Cassandra Freeman, Toronto ON. -- My Class has brot in $55.28 sofar and were still going strong. 

May 18, 2001 - From : Bradley morse, Toronto ontario -- good luck!!!!!!! 

May 18, 2001 - From : Cory & Taylor, Stouffville Ontairo -- TAYLOR AND I WANT TO TELL YOU WE RAISED $55.26 SO FAR WRITE TO US SOON.  GOOD LUCK!

May 18, 2001 - From : Emma Drudge, Markham Ont. -- Good luck. Our class is raising money so far we have $55 

May 18, 2001 - From : James Potter, Stouffvile Ontario -- Hi guys! what up? hope you don't give up and continue to reach for your dream!  Bye James P.  P.S. hope you have enought of the speacial drink!! 

May 18, 2001 - From : Chris, Ontario -- Hi. Good luck! how long will it take to go from one side of Canada to the other? 

May 17, 2001 - From : Linda and Gordon, Vancouver, BC -- Hi Cheryl and Jono. Great Web Site! Good Luck to all of you. Will see you on the steps at Vancouver City Hall on June 1-2? 

May 17, 2001 - From : Carlye and Dylan Wild, Stouffville, Ontario -- Hi Mr. Hachey!  We are students at Glad Park P.S. We are going to raise as much money as we can for you... We started tonight, and in only 1 hour, we raised $58.21. The two of us have made plans of what sales etc... we are going to do ... Good luck and all the best ... Carlye and Dylan Wild 

May 17, 2001 - From : Ashley Sawicki, Cochenour, Ontario -- Cant wait to see you. Good luck and remember have fun ...
love ashley and mom 

May 17, 2001 - From : Mary Ann and Paul, Vancouver, BC -- Cheryl and Jono, lots of luck on cross Canada quest. We'll be following your progess! See you when you get home. Mary Ann and Paul. 

May 17, 2001 - From : Lisa Brown, Vancouver, BC -- Hey guys! Thinking of you all. Way to go!!!!! 

May 17, 2001 - From : Eleanor, Brandon MB -- Hi, Good Luck and hope weather and everything co-operates with. Cheryl/Jono let me know when you are passing through the Brandon area and I will try and get out to say hello and cheer you on!! 

May 17, 2001 - From : Chapmann Cheung, Burnaby, BC -- all of your hard work and dedication will fuel inspiration in all who will witness your incredible task! may your journey take you to new and exciting places never before explored! 

May 16, 2001 - From : Bob, Brenda, Kelvin Eiffes and Staff of Arteck Precision, North Vancouver, BC -- Hi guys: We tryed to give you a little help, now it's up too you. GOOD LUCK, FAIR WEATHER, FLAT ROADS and remember the gripper IE "The Little Kids" PS. you are all mad, but we wish you God speed. 

May 16, 2001 - From : Alissa and Kim, Trail, BC -- Good luck, Kathleen. Have a good trip, we miss yah lots. Don't erg too hard! 

May 16, 2001 - From : Marcia Tapp, Seattle, WA -- I am anxious to see how the "Rowed"-bike turned out - I hope you'll post some pictures from the road. I linked your site to our front page www.pocock.com See you in Vancouver! 

May 14, 2001 - From : Todd Hickling, Vancouver, BC -- Wishing you light headwinds and smooth climbs. Best of luck to the whole team! 

May 14, 2001 - From : Pat & Ron Brown, London, Ontario -- Wishing you a safe and successful journey. It is an amazing undertaking!! Lisa will keep us posted of your progress. Wish you were coming through London, we would be there to cheer you on. All the best to each of you. 

May 13, 2001 - From : Kristi Strickland, Coquiltlam, BC -- Jono and Cheryl - you continue to inspire me- you always give that little extra that makes the difference between ordinary and extraordinary! Good luck everyone! 

May 13, 2001 - From : Peter Scarrott, London, Ontario -- I heard about your challenge on The Fan 590 Saturday, May 13th. As a competitive rower I take my hat off to you guys. I have spent many hours on the Concept II and I am in awe of the hours you guys are putting towards your training and the hours upon hours you will be rowing during the treck. Most people, myself included, would have a hard time watching TV for that long, nevermind exerting yourself on a rowing machine. You truly are an inspiration and I will spread the news of your triumph!! I

May 10, 2001 - From : A Carriere, Edmonton, Alberta -- I just heard about this exiting adventure, and I like it. In this day of pushing a button for anything you want and (poof) it's there, it's nice to hear about somebody trying for something that's not so easily accessible. I commend you. I wish you all the luck, and I hope to follow you as you traverse (The uphill grade)....Arnie.... 

May 10, 2001 - From : Mr.Kitt, Victoria, BC -- May your chariot race across the land upon wings. 

May 9, 2001 - From : Gerald Goss, Billerica, Massachusetts -- To all of you, and especially Eric Goss, GOOD LUCK! 

May 9, 2001 - From : Duane & Ruth Wittig, Port Moody B.C. -- What an undertaking! This is the spirit that makes Humanity great! We will be following your journey with enthusiasm. The Sports Fitness Packs from Enrich will keep you rowing well over the speed limit! ha! "God Speed" 

May 7, 2001 - From : Tom Hendrix, Ithaca, NY -- Wow. I'm a member of Cornell University's Lightweight crew team. I'm studying mechanical engineering here as well. Your journey is an amazing feat of human endurance and strength, as well as willpower and spirit. Also, its a little crazy. The Road Boat sketches look like a really confined space for you guys, but I think you'll triumph. Your trip is an inspiration to rowers on land and sea and from all generations. Take some strokes for the Cornell Crew: we'll be watching. Give 'em hell. 

May 6, 2001 - From : Cory & Justin Vanderhoek, Edmonton, AB -- Hey guys we hope you make it. And good luck. Don't get too tired out. From Kathleen's cousins, Cory and Justin. 

May 5, 2001 - From : Andrea, Stouffville Ontario -- What colour is the car?? How was it built?? I hope your rowing machine looks good. I hope you have a safe trip.  Is the rowing machine flat?? Do you get to be driver first??   Signed Andrea age 7 

May 3, 2001 - From : Fred Schenkel, Creston, BC -- Once upon a time about two years ago we came upon a guy huffing and puffing his way along the eastshore of Kootenay Lake and who called himself Coyote Kevin and was crazy and determined enough to run across Canada pushing his bicycle/ricksha contraption. We offered him a room for the night, and his first question was: "do you have a bathtub?" This time the question is going to be: "do you have a swimming pool?"   Way to go Kevin! Sorry we're not on your route!   Fred and Yvette Schenkel 

May 1, 2001 - From : Rob Chernenko, White Rock, BC -- Godspeed my friends! ... Rob, Carolyn, and Matthew



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