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As Kevin Thomson was plodding endlessly across this great nation on a solo run from Vancouver to St. John's, Newfoundland in 1999 (www.RunningInto2000.com), he contemplated the question of how fast human beings could cross this country.  Without any research or much thought whatsoever, he concluded that utilizing the rowing stroke would be the best use of his time.  He then assembled a team of people who were too busy in their own lives to question his reasoning.  They are now deeply involved in embarking on an incredible journey of the human spirit to attempt this crossing of Canada in a custom made aluminum cart called the "RoadBoat".

Upon arriving back in Vancouver from his run, Kevin's first task was to assemble this team. He looked back upon his adventures from his past and came up with a short list of people he thought possessed the required elements for such a journey. Endurance, fitness, positive attitudes and the ability to believe in the incredible seemed important qualities for each person to have. Moreover, they would all need to feel comfortable with each other under trying circumstances. The trip will consist of over 15 hours per day for 10 days of effort (or maybe more, hopefully not though). In addition, the trip requires a support team who can handle stressful conditions without breaks. During Kevin's limited research, when he spoke with the amazing Bill Narasnek who has the current cross Canada cycling record, he realized that the support team could make or break an undertaking such as this.

If you check out the "The Team" section, you will see an impressive listing of the team members. Does the team have the necessary spirit to carry out such an undertaking? We think so. We believe it is possible. We leave on May 22nd. Watch to see what happens...

During Kevin's run, he was often asked why he is doing it. Each time, he was able to come up with a different reason that was the truth for him at that moment.

There appears to be no absolute reason for doing anything. At some point, the original reason becomes replaced with a new reason due to some new perspective experienced. Our society has an obsession with "Why?", but our basic nature follows the concept of "Why Not?".

Regardless the argument about reasons, it is abundantly clear that if you have to ask the reason for doing something, you are unlikely to ever understand the response. Defining reasons is like defining art. Or like defining choices or preferences. Impossible. If the person receiving the explanation does not share the vision, then the communication is futile. How can you explain why you like tomatoes or the colour blue or your taste in clothes or your choice of partner? Impossible and irrelevant. Trying to explain it does not make it understandable. In fact, it may confound the person attempting to understand if they do not share the same views.

But this does not help us understand anything. And that is as it should be. And here we are.

So, Why Not?




Creative Crossings Society of Canada
#200 - 275 East 8th Avenue
Vancouver, BC, V5T 1R9
(604) 224-6009
for more info email kevin@creativecrossings.com

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