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If you would like to contribute a donation to the Rowing Across Canada project, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.  For budgetary reasons we ask that you indicate the amount you will be sending in.

For a minimum $20 donation, you will be listed on the credits of the film being shot of the adventure and you will be listed below as a valuable contributor! 

Please make cheques out to Creative Crossings Society and mail cheques or cash to this address : 

Creative Crossings Society of Canada
#200 - 275 East 8th Avenue
Vancouver, BC, V5T 1R9

A special thanks to these fine people for their contributions!

Daniel & Nikki Kirkpatrick, London, England -- row row row your boat gently down the country!!! our thoughts are with you and may your seats be well padded during your excellent adventure. 

Hedy Davidson -- Best wishes and my hopes that my small contribution will FUEL your dreams a little. At least a few KM's anyway! :-) 

Lee Bergmann -- Because you all took the time to make a wish come true and because you believe in this crazy idea, my small donation is in support of dreams that all of us should have but so few are allowed to make a reality. 

Sonja Hoyte -- I think this quote from Kevin's last dream may help explain the "why".    "There are so many choices in this big wide world, but obviously there is no "best" way to live our lives. There is only our own unique way. For each of us. It is our own way to express "Who We Really Are".  Find your own way, by finding your dreams, living your dreams and encouraging others to live theirs. After all, what else is there to do?"  Here's to many good days guys, and to the amazing support of your friends and families!

Lyn Davies -- Best Wishes for a successful adventure. Thanks for inspiring others to follow our own dreams and adventures. 

Paling -- Have a great trip - Good Luck Kevin and your team - may everyone greet you with a smile and words of encouragement! 

Cindy Hampton -- To my crazy friend Kevin and his team....I support you always with my heart, but a little cash helps too!! When you fulfill your dreams it helps others to fulfill theirs, through your ongoing inspiration and determination.   Best of luck and be safe, Love Cindy 

Rob Slocum -- Pay attention to whatever Karanas and Neill Rhodes have told you--they've been there! Don't overdo it early on. It's a long row.

Rob and Cathy Gionet, Peru -- Good Luck !! we'll be watching. Unfortunately we won't be able to see you finish, its a little pricey from Peru , maybe next time !! 

Donna Gallagher -- Cheers to your dreams and inspiring others!  Kevin, you are truly one of my heros!  Good Luck Guys!! 

Deirdre Rogers -- Glad to see you're handling your challenges in the manner to which you've become accustomed - head on!!  You will always be an amazing inspiration to me.  Love, D.

The Wittwer Family -- we still remember you when you stopped in dryden/ont. it is so awesome and amazing what you are doing. we admire your will and strength to realize your dreams. for the upcoming adventure we wish you all the best and may everything go well. good luck to all of you. the wittwer family

Neil Rhodes -- I would like to give you the following words, from Theodore Roosevelt.  "THE CREDIT BELONGS TO THOSE WHO ARE ACTUALLY IN THE ARENA, WHO STRIVE VALIANTLY; WHO KNOW THE GREAT ENTHUSIASMS, THE GREAT DEVOTIONS, AND SPEND THEMSELVES IN A WORTHY CAUSE; WHO AT THE BEST, KNOW THE TRIUMPH OF HIGH ACHIEVEMENT; AND WHO, AT THE WORST, IF THEY FAIL, FAIL WHILE DARING GREATLY, SO THAT THEIR PLACE SHALL NEVER BE WITH THOSE COLD AND TIMID SOULS WHO KNOW NEITHER VICTORY NOR DEFEAT." -- The credit belongs to you guys, I salute you. My spirit will be with you, be strong, believe in yourselves, be a team and most importantly, enjoy your challenge. 

A Carriere -- Just heard of adventure today on the truck radio after work. So I found your site. I hope my donation helps. I wish you luck...Arnie. 

Clive Court -- Good Luck. I hope the wind is at your back all the way. 

The Holmes Family -- Kick ass out there and break that record! You're an inspiration to us all. Ana and Sam send there best and wish you and the team well on this exciting endeavour. Once this is done there maybe a guest shot on the Bert Nimmen show! 

Rory Dunn and Kay McQueen -- All the best. We are thinking about you "lots" with many good wishes for a safe and fun journey.  Kay and Rory 



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Creative Crossings Society of Canada
#200 - 275 East 8th Avenue
Vancouver, BC, V5T 1R9
(604) 224-6009
for more info email kevin@creativecrossings.com

website by Cuda Communications Corporation