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Building the RoadBoat
Arteck Precision Limited, North Vancouver
May 7, 2001

(click pictures for larger image)

After a full day of elbow grease, the RoadBoat really starts to take shape! ... This is a highly professional job and would normally cost well over $70,000 to produce such a vehicle.  Daryl Musselman, the RoadBoat Design Engineer was on hand to supervise the many avid team members and support crew.   It seemed that everyone played a part in the assembly and perfection of this amazing craft, and actually looked like they knew what they were doing! ... 

Later in the evening Eric Goss from Cove Bike and his team of bike mechanics arrived to pull an all-nighter assembling the bike parts.   Many thanks go out to all those that participated and in particular; Hunjar, Daryl, Eric, Corey and Bob for their amazing design and assembly work.


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